5 ways to generate income even when you’re not working.

    You probably heard this before! Let your money work for you! Well since you had worked hard for your money that idea would be nice; but, how can you accomplish that?

    By doing a little up front work and an investment, you can create an ongoing income stream that can continue, even when you are in relaxing mode. Here are some options:

    1. Buy a revenue property. Sure, there’s an investment of time and money upfront, but once you’ve got the right property, mortgage and management strategy, the monthly income keeps flowing.
    2. Create an information product. This includes e-books, DVDs, online courses, etc. Obviously, the creation part is a lot of work so is the marketing. But once you’re up and running with a successful product, the income is self-sustaining.
    3. Sell ads on your website. Build a site that is attractive enough to generate high traffic, then sell links and ad space which produce income.
    4. Be a mortgage lender. Talk to us, we can help you set up your RRSPs or other cash that are not earning enough. Yes, there’s a repayment risk, but that is reduced by making many small loans rather than a few big ones and it will be secured against an actual property.
    5. Invest in dividend-yielding stocks. These are stocks that pay dividends on a regular basis regardless of whether the share value is up or down. But you can still lose money, so
    6. you need to do a lot of research up front.

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